Another day without him.  — Free to express

It has been around a month,  I haven’t heard his voice once. And days are passing like tiny drops of water. I regularly  go to my WhatsApp  list open the Archived  messages the first contact  name which is him glows.

You don’t have any idea how many times in a day I unblock you,  and only back space knows the urge within me.

But my question to self is   “do I really want  him?”  “After 7years I’m back again from where I had started.  My journey  has been again on the same verge  of  life which I had left long ago. He was the one who pulled you back,  he was the one who left you behind, so is there any reason left to hear his voice?”
Giving him all myself  I did love him.  At some point of time I had only aim in my life  to marry him and make him happy.  But who knew making him happy could cost  me my own like.

For an instance I would  have forgiven him too,  if he wouldn’t  had trashed me in public.  That event is still circulating in my mind and I start bubbling in anger.

Though being stuck in life just because of him I’m contented that he’s settled, it was a terrible night when I saw his wedding card, within 2 months  he moved on, only my pillow knew the pain of my heart.

But I don’t know still why on every morning I have to remind myself,

Good morning dear, it’s another day without him. 

asked by my beloved to post 


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