Happy birthday my little guy! — Rhythm In Life

Yesterday our little guy turned 8 and all I can say is that I am one lucky mama.

I am blessed to call this little one mine. He challenges me to be a better person on a regular basis;

  • He is kind and has a level of patience I still do not understand; he keeps his gentle spirit even when his little sister is constantly terrorizing him in ways only a sister could.
  • He is quick to say he is sorry and quick to forgive.
  • He thinks of others before himself; an attribute I never thought an 8 year old could have. And many more.

A little bit about our little guy;

  1. He decided to come into this world on the day of my baby shower.
  2. I labored for 12 hours with this little guy but ended up having him via Caesarean section.
  3. Born right after midnight.
  4. He weighed 7 lbs.
  5. Most handsome baby I ever laid eyes on (his sister too).

He loves;

  • Reading; mostly his Bible and comic books.
  • Building Legos; just like his daddy.
  • Obsessed with anything with four wheels.
  • Lately believes he is the best bicycle Rider there is. You should see him zoom around trails. Being the mama bear that I am, I haven’t been on this bandwagon to cheer his new adventure.
  • Loves working in the garage with his daddy.
  • Math and numbers (Saxon Math work books)

Things he hates;

  1. Showers; he would skip showers completely if mama would let him.
  2. Dolls; having a little sister, he constantly has encounters with baby dolls and he is not too impressed when his sister begs him to play some.

Favorite food;

  • Grilled chicken; even though we rarely eat it.
  • Papaya and strawberries.
  • Raw veggies but hates them cooked; I think it’s kind of odd but I will take it.

As a mother, I look forward to many, many years of being able to love and nurture our little guy. And I am thankful that he has an amazing man/daddy to look up to in many ways.

P.s. he always says that he wants to be just like Daddy when he grows up.

Happy birthday baba!


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